Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The month of September has flown by!!!  Where did it go? Only a few more days until October. It is so hard for me to believe!

We have had a great month.  School is going good. Mike and I are proud of Abby and the progress that we are making! It amazes me how much she does know that I never realized that she did!  We have finished 1 unit in our reading curriculum and she tested yesterday and today on that unit. She benchmarked with flying colors!  The rest of week in reading and language arts we are working with the classic, Johnny Appleseed!!  A favorite of mine.

Here are a few pictures from our first full month of home schooling!

Abby at the laptop working on her spelling words. She loves Spelling City!

Reading a book to take an "AR test" on. We use book adventure. She tests on books that she reads and earns points for prizes!
We love "Friday Night Lights!" Josh plays football and we love to go and watch him play. It also gives Abby a chance to connect with good friends.  :-)

International Home School Spirit Week is this week!  Each day is a fun theme, just like homecoming spirit week in public school. 
Yesterday was school in your pajamas day! Abby and Kit took advantage of the opportunity since mom doesn't let her stay in her pj's on a typical school day.  :-)

Today was "Homeschool away from home" day. We went to the park!  It was fun and Abby loved schooling in the great outdoors. We may try to do this more often!!!

I took a picture of one of the problems Abby had in math today!  She is already solving for x in equations in math. Gulp! This is second grade math!!!  She is hanging in there though and I couldn't be prouder!!
Well we have three more days of Homeschool Spirit Week. There will be more pictures to share. Tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day. Thursday is volunteer day and Friday is superhero day!  Fun, fun!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Running behind on the updates and I apologize! We are still trucking along and loving every minute of this whirlwind called life! School is going great! We really could not ask it to be any better. God is blessing us each and every day and we are forever thankful for that!

We went on our first field trip as a home school. We had a great time. Our first stop was the United States Post Office. It was a great tour of our small hometown post office.

After the post office, we made a stop at our local newspaper office, the NWA.  Also known as Northwest Alabamian.  All Abby had to say about it, was that it stunk.  LOL....she was referring to the very strong ink smell from the printing machinery. 

After the newspaper office, we went to the hospital and heard a speech on different careers in the medical field. They passed around a rubber hand with an IV needle inserted into it.  Abby decided right then and there that she didn't want to work in a hospital.  ;-)
It was a great afternoon with fellow home schoolers!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We are still going strong! Abby started piano lessons last week. She wants to learn to play and I have read that it opens up the mind to learning, so we are going with it! She had a great first practice but mom didn't get any pictures. :-(

We are loving the freedom of home schooling. How much better does it get than, home schooling in heels?  ;-)
Yes, that is Sara in the background. LOL...she often cat naps like that while Abby and I are "schooling."  Cute!

We just finished our study of sunflowers and we both enjoyed it. I asked Abby what did she want to learn about next (other than her regular academics) and she pondered for a moment and said I would like to know more about cows. LOL....yes cows! So we began a study of cattle yesterday!

We have a field trip this week with members of the home school group to go to the local newspaper office, the post office, and the hospital. But, for now it is upstairs to become "smarter that the average bear!"  Hugs!