Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We are still going strong! Abby started piano lessons last week. She wants to learn to play and I have read that it opens up the mind to learning, so we are going with it! She had a great first practice but mom didn't get any pictures. :-(

We are loving the freedom of home schooling. How much better does it get than, home schooling in heels?  ;-)
Yes, that is Sara in the background. LOL...she often cat naps like that while Abby and I are "schooling."  Cute!

We just finished our study of sunflowers and we both enjoyed it. I asked Abby what did she want to learn about next (other than her regular academics) and she pondered for a moment and said I would like to know more about cows. LOL....yes cows! So we began a study of cattle yesterday!

We have a field trip this week with members of the home school group to go to the local newspaper office, the post office, and the hospital. But, for now it is upstairs to become "smarter that the average bear!"  Hugs!

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