Monday, August 26, 2013

I promised several days ago to continue on with our typical home school day. A little late, but here it is.....

After prayer and Bible study, Abby sits down with her Daily Learning Binder.  This binder includes calendar activities and weather activities. After she completes this task, we sit down to read. She reads her reading story to me. We talk about it and go over spelling and vocabulary words together. She then works in her Language Arts Binder (which includes Grammar, Spelling, Reading and Handwriting). After this, she does her math. She has a lesson on DVD to watch. After the lesson, she has worksheets to complete and I direct as needed. Right now we are doing Science, so that is the next subject covered. I was going to alternate Science and History, but I think our best bet is to cover Science the first semester of the year and then History the second semester of the  school year. After her core subjects are completed, she then has computer time. She works on spelling and reading during this time.

After classroom work is done, the learning does not stop. Abby is also learning life skills every day. She has helped with house cleaning, laundry, cooking, and other things since school has started this year. We talk and spend time together that we would never have the chance to before. We have had some very interesting conversations. We also have some quiet time away from each other to regroup.

PE is also included. Right now, it is cheer season therefore that is her PE and socializing time. She meets with her cheer team three days a week. We go to church on Wednesday nights and she loves her Bible Study group.  She starts piano lessons this week and she is really excited about that!  Life is good right now and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world! We would appreciate some prayers on a couple of unspoken requests.  I said life was good, not perfect!  ;-)

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