Friday, August 23, 2013

And on we go! Cheer practice has started and Abby attended an all day cheer camp last weekend. She had a great time! She will start piano lessons next week. I am excited about this! I hope this is something she really enjoys and wants to continue doing!

School is going great!!  Sara is doing great while we learn. She is such a good baby!!!  She loves to sit and listen to us read. She will sit for several minutes and listen to our Bible story each day. She loves to play with the toys that I have reserved for "classroom play" only!!  I pray God continues to bless us as we continue on our journey.

We still get "the looks" when we tell people we are homeschooling. I can tell that several want to express their opinions about it, but thankfully they keep it to themselves. God is leading us and guiding us.  I know he will not steer us wrong.

Abby has had a couple of run ins with other kids.  Of course they are negative about it, and it breaks my heart that kids are the way they are.  But, overall, most everyone is supportive (to our faces) anyway. Mike is more secure in our decision and I thank God for that.

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