Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting Ready

We have spent the better part of this week getting ready to start school. I have been busy lesson planning and Abby has been staying busy with summer work. We have also had some extracurricular activities to keep us busy.

Back a couple of months ago at the beginning of the summer, Abby and I saw a picture of an outside kitchen in a Disney magazine. We decided we would build one. We started out pretty good, but then dad had to step in to help us! Here are a few pictures of our "mudpie kitchen" journey.  :-)

It isn't finished yet, but it is getting there. We ran out of orange paint. Yes, orange paint! Abby picked the color. I am anxious to see our end results!
We also needed a bookcase for our homeschool area. I could not find exactly what I wanted at a reasonable price, so once again I pushed Mike to build one. He always says he isn't a carpenter, he is a mechanic. But, he always does a great job! This is what we have so far!

Yes, that is Abby being silly!!!  A little stain, and this bookcase will be done! See, Mike can swing a hammer when he puts his mind to it!

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