Friday, August 16, 2013

I am a little late with an update, but school is going great! I am still very confident in our decision to do this and Abby is even more confident. Just because we homeschool does not mean we can't have the traditional first day of school pictures, right?  ;-) Abby was just as excited for our first day of homeschool as she always has been for public school. It did my heart good!!

And of course the requisite first day of school picture at her desk. Kit, joined her for the first day of school. :-)

Her first work as an official homeschooler. She is working on her daily calendar binder.

After our academics on the first day, we went to work on our first Science lapbook.  A study of sunflowers! Abby told me she wanted to learn more about them since she had a garden full of them.

And of course Anna made some sunflowers, too.

Our first day was a success and we had fun with it!!!  Onward!!

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