Sunday, August 25, 2013

We had a great weekend! Mike and I, as Children's Directors at church, hosted a "Back to School Bash" at the city pool! We had lots of fun and so did all of the kids!  A great time was had by all!  Swimming and pizza! How can one go wrong with that combination? ;-)

The Church of the Future!!!!
Sunday afternoon, we made our annual trek to Kinlock Falls in Bankhead National Forest! Mother Nature's Waterpark!  We have been doing this for several years! We always have so much fun. I can always tell how good (or bad) of shape I am in after a trip here. ;-)

This is a natural water fall, that you can sit down on and slide into the pool of water below. The water is freezing but so refreshing on a hot, summer day!  But, after the slide down, you have to come back up! You have to climb back up the fall with a rope. It is fun exercise!!  There is also a cliff that you can jump off of but that isn't my cup of tea! Mike and Josh enjoyed it though!
We had a great weekend! Just because summer vacation is over, doesn't mean the summer fun has to end! We have another fun filled weekend planned for this Labor Day weekend. That is, after another week of school. ;-)

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